5 Tips To Make Your Corporate Video Production Go Viral

by | Aug 16, 2018

A highly shareable content can lead visitors to your site and this can be converted to sales. But creating a corporate video production that can go viral is no easy feat. It’s basically like winning the lottery. Your video has less than one percent chance of going viral because persuading other people to share your video is incredibly difficult. You have to appeal to their emotions and you have to keep them interested.

Keep the video short and sweet

You need a tight video. You’re creating a content for a generation that wants less than a minute of video to consume. Our attention spans are short and we don’t spend hours reading a single blog post or watching a long video. A survey published by The New York Times found that more than 19 percent of people had left a video after only 10 seconds.

Be upbeat

The most shared content on social media is one that evokes a strong emotion in the reader or viewer. And of those strong emotions, the most powerful is a positive or upbeat note. Consumers want to watch videos that will make them happy.

Be timely

It’s time to update yourself with the current news and events. You can use pop culture references and a popular internet meme or topic to increase the odds of your videos being viewed and shared. You need to speak the same language of your target audience such as, for example, Game of Thrones and Baby Shark fans.

Be involved

You need to engage with your viewers and your customers. Everyone likes to be heard, especially people these days on social media. They want their posts to be shared and they want their comments to be valued by companies.

Be informative

Your audience is always searching for information and new content. Your corporate video production needs to be informative and they need to be interesting.

When they are, they have a better chance of getting shared by your target audience. You need to be able to create the best and most informative content to pique the interest of your viewers.

Be inspiring

Do you know about Upworthy? That website collects inspiring stories from all over the world and creates mini videos to share with their audience. The site skyrocketed to more than six million unique page views every month in its first year. Audiences love a good inspiring story and the more inspiration they are, the more that the audience wants their network to know about it.