7 Tips For Creating A Corporate Video Production

by | Jun 21, 2018

What a corporate video do is to communicate clearly to your target audience what the brand is about. It should highlight the unique values of your products and services and why your company should be considered over your competition.

Hire a professional

It’s obviously what you need—a professional video producer who knows what needs to be done for a corporate video. Remember that this video will promote your business and your brand. You cannot depend on amateurs. You need to hire someone who can do the job well.

Know your audience

Define who your target audience is. Study who they are, so you will know how to best speak with them and what strategy would work to pique their interests. Be very specific about what your products and services can do to make their lives easier.

Be specific

Your video will not stand alone. This means that it will be accompanied by dialogues, by a meta description, by a caption, etc. Be very specific about what your video is all about. Remember this: some internet users do not like playing videos unless they interest them. You need to capture their attention from the moment they read your video caption.

Make an emotional connection

Being all technical about your products is all good. You need to tell your customers what the specifications of the products are, so they can make a sound decision about purchasing them. However, you need to make an emotional connection, too, like telling your audience how your products and services have affected and benefited someone else’s life. Tell a story that your audience can relate to.

Show your products and services

In your video, you cannot simply be a talking head. That means don’t settle for describing what your products and services are. Consumers are very visual (that is why you opted for a video, right?), so you need to show them what products and services you are talking about—what they look like and how they function. Treat this as a show-and-tell, except you’re talking to an audience larger than your classroom.

Convey your personality

Your audience should relate to you on a personal level. Don’t be too formal and stiff when it comes to explaining what the products and services does. Consumers are able to connect more with your brand if they can relate to you.

Promote your video

What good would a video be without your promoting it? Your audience need to see your video, so upload it to as many social media platforms as you can. Make a way for it to become viral, for it to be watched by millions of viewers.