A Step-By-Step Guide In Planning A Lakeland Video Production

by | Apr 25, 2019

A well-planned Lakeland video production can spell success for your business. Without a sound and well-thought-out plan, you risk going to many directions and not actually achieving anything. Potential clients want to see firms that have a good grip on the planning stage of the production.

If your actions are all over the place and the tasks are not duly assigned to the right team members, there’s a very big chance you won’t successfully create the video product you agreed on.

Decide on your objectives

What are the goals of the video production? What do you want to achieve with the video? Everything you do from that point on will depend on your objectives, which, according to experts, should follow the SMART pattern. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Make sure that your objectives follow this simple formula.

Get to know your audience

Unless you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and what they do and where they are and what they want, you’ll have a hard time producing a video that will appeal to them. Conduct thorough research of your target audience but don’t just focus on the demographics.

Get an insight into your audience: what are their most common problems? What do they do during their free time? You can get to know your audience by conducting surveys, interviews, and engaging with them online.

Set your core message

Now that you already have an idea of who your audience is, it’s time to decide how you want them to feel about your video. What actions do they have to take after watching the video? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to think?

Your video’s central message should reflect the answers to these questions. You need to turn the answers into the one thing that will make your audience think and feel the way you want them to.

Build a video strategy

This is where all logistics will be included. How much can you spare for the video production? On what scale are you planning to promote and market the video? Can you reuse the video to improve ROI?

When is the deadline for the production? Though it may feel overwhelming at times to plan for a Lakeland video production, remember that this plan will allow for a seamless production process that will aim to reach for the objectives.