Anticipate What Corporate Video Production Clients Need

by | Jul 15, 2021

Running a corporate video production company means so much more than just creating corporate videos for companies. It means also having the capacity to listen to the clients that we take on, and bringing their visions to life on the screen in order to help them achieve their company’s goals for their corporate video.

It’s easy to say that you’re the video production house that’s ready to meet your client’s needs, but are you really? Clients know exactly what kind of video production company works best for their needs, but how can you be sure that you meet those needs?

Being technically and creatively capable of producing their video is great and all, but do you know how to maintain consistent and good quality communication with the client as you work on their project? This is just one of the many traits that good clients expect from the video production companies that they hire.

If you do well with your first project with them, you’re almost guaranteed a repeat customer. Here are some things that good clients expect from a corporate video production firm.

Clear, consistent communication

As we mentioned before, good clients expect good communication from the professionals that they hire. We live in an age where a single message can be sent halfway around the world with a click of a button, and this technology is expected to be used in the business world.

While it’s not necessary for you to be “on” all the time, you are expected to answer any legitimate questions and concerns that the client may have on a timely basis.

The ability to provide what they need

In addition to professional communication, a good production company knows how to communicate with the client and understand what they want out of their corporate video.

A lot of people mistake good communication to mean simply talking to a client and being a good salesman, but good communication also includes being a good listener and comprehending what the client is trying to say. By communicating properly, you are better capable of providing the client with the final product that they’re looking for.

A good history with previous clients and projects

Of course, a corporate video production firm with a good record with previous clients is something that any good client will seek out. This is because it proves that you have worked with a variety of clients and that your work ethic and work quality can be proved.

Willing to go the extra mile

Being a very competitive industry, many corporate video clients now expect the professionals that they hire to be capable of more than just the bare minimum of skill to produce a video. Video production companies are now expected to always learn on the go and apply these learnings on to their new video projects.