Applying For A Job As A Videographer

by | Jul 17, 2018

Everywhere you look, videos are being played… on the television, the internet, the billboards, the sides of the buildings, etc. Even radio shows have transitioned to television. Now, you can watch your favorite radio broadcasters on the television. Cool, right? It also opened up a whole new world for someone who wants to become a videographer.

Now, if you have the talents and the skills to become a videographer, you can do so by honing said skills and seeking out companies who want to hire you or starting on your own as a freelance videographer.

Video resume

Look, don’t go looking for a job with the old printed resume as your combat gear. If you want to become a videographer, you should show your talents through a video resume. It is easy to do, especially for someone like you who knows his way around video cameras and editing equipment.

The first step is to conceptualize an idea for your resume. Your video should show your skills and your talents, yes, but it should also show that you are dependable, responsible, and you can work effectively within a team.

Remember that many of these companies will partner you with a specific team with a number of different people, skills, attitudes, and moves. Through your video resume, you should be able to show the employer that knows how to follow authority and that you can work well with others.

Cover letter and resume

Sure, a video resume is the most important thing you’re going to hand your prospective employer, but it would be nice also if you can submit an actual cover letter and printed resume.

Unknown to many, a lot of hiring managers still have old-school thinking and they want to see you follow the tradition of printing out your cover letters and your resumes. Of course, make sure you also have a digital copy just in case the hiring manager asked for it.


Only apply to companies which core values you believe in. A lot of people would send out resumes even to companies that they don’t really like. If a certain company, for example, has a history of labor problems, then why would you choose to be with that company? Why not be selective with the company you are going to apply to?


You can also play around with the idea of being a freelancer, though if you’re just starting in the industry, it’s better to tap that deep resources and network of a company first.

If you have friends who are getting married or who are celebrating special occasions in their lives, you may want to offer them your services (for a small price) with the incentive of recommending you to their friends later on.