Benefits of Drone Videography For A Wedding Photo & Video Supplier

by | Jun 19, 2018

Back in the 2000s, when a couple wants their wedding documented, they have to be sated with a DVD of shots from the ground. There are good photographers and videographers that can take stunning shots and angles even if they don’t necessarily have the modern equipment of today. But have you seen weddings now? How awesome are they? That’s all because of a little thing we call drone videography.

Nowadays, couples are not contented to just see their faces, their guests, the design of the reception hall, and the food. They want something that will allow them to relive those memories when they are old and gray. They want to see the surroundings of the place where they got married. Whether it’s near the city, the ocean, or the mountains, it’s nice to immortalize these things on video and relive them when you need a pick-me-upper.

As for wedding suppliers, you need to incorporate this new technology in your offerings. Whether you need it to market your own business or to use professionally (to rent them out), a drone is an investment that would be beneficial for years to come.

Adds variety to your services

Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Of taking photos and videos while you’re on the ground? There’s something magnificent and childlike about the way drone videographers control their drones and cameras and take amazing shots of the landscape and the people in the wedding. A drone videography could be an add-on to an existing wedding package. It adds variety to your business and clients would like to think that you are being innovative.

Increases your brand and reputation

Almost all P/V wedding suppliers have drone videography as one of their services. If you are not investing in drones, you’re missing out on a huge market. Remember that the wedding industry is one of the biggest moving markets in today’s world. It has become a status symbol of some sort to have drone videography in their weddings.

Allows you to charge more

If you want to earn a profit, then welcoming something new and modern and innovative to your business will allow you to charge more for the service. Couples are almost always willing to pay an extra if it’s going to make their wedding videos better. You should definitely tap into this market and charge more while you still can.