Common Drone Videography Mistakes You Should Avoid

by | Oct 1, 2018

Shooting drone videography seems to be becoming more and more popular as the drone industry has definitely been seeing an increase in drone enthusiasts looking to join in the drone industry.

However, with the increase in drone pilots means that at times, others are a bit rash when they join in because the existing experts in the community make shooting drone videography look easier than it actually is.

Of course, in the hands of someone who’s been working with drones for quite some time, shooting with a drone looks easy, but it’s quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Making a mistake when piloting your drone can result in some poor shots, at best, but in the worst case scenario, you might lose your drone. If you’re new to the drone scene, here are some common videography mistakes that you should definitely avoid to make sure that you get some great shots and protect your drone.

Shooting in poor weather

There’s no denying that certain weather conditions make for some pretty great shots. A misty morning with a fine drizzle of rain can make for a wonderful atmosphere. However, you need to be aware of how certain elements can wreak havoc on your drone.

Wet weather can hurt the internal mechanisms of your drone, especially if you fly it for too long in this type of weather, and the cold weather can drain your batteries quickly and can result in a drone crash. Windy weather can mess with your shots by pushing your drone around, and can potentially damage your drone.

Doing the entire film in one shot

When you watch a video shot by a drone, it always looks so seamless and put together. However, this amazing video is a result of good editing and great drone piloting.

Don’t make the mistake of shooting an entire film in one shot, as you’re going to realize that editing this is going to be much more difficult than you may have originally anticipated.

Shooting without practicing

As we’ve mentioned before, drone videography is one of those things that always looks much easier than it actually is. This is especially true, especially when it comes to piloting your drone to take your shots.

One of the biggest things that some beginner drone pilots struggle with is keeping their drones slow and steady when they take a shot, which is essential in capturing a good shot on video. It’s very important for beginners to practice their basic drone maneuvers in order to guarantee a good final product.