Common Lakeland Wedding Videography Myths Debunked

by | Jul 2, 2020

Wedding planning can take a lot out of a person. From planning out the scope of the budget to handling the booking of the vendors, there’s a lot involved with wedding planning that is supposed to make up one of the biggest days of your life. Because of how important this is, you’re going to want to document every moment of it with Lakeland wedding videography.

However, there are quite a few misconceptions floating around about the industry that is making people hesitant about hiring a videography team to document their weddings. It would be a shame if you missed out on a chance to document your wedding day simply because of a few misunderstandings.

To help you make up your mind, here are some common Lakeland wedding videography myths that we’re debunked for you.

Wedding videos are cheesy and not worth it

One of the most common misconceptions you’re going to run into when it comes to wedding videography is the idea that wedding videos are cheesy and aren’t worth it in the end. The reason why plenty of people think this is that they are too used to the wedding videos that they’ve seen from their parents and grandparents’ generations.

Wedding videos from those times had a tendency to go overboard with the cheesy music and the bad special effects, which was enough to make anybody decide against having their own wedding video.

However, as technology and trends have changed, wedding teams are becoming more creative with how they handle the wedding videos that they take on. Because of this, wedding videos are more classy and romantic, rather than cheesy and overdone.

Photography is the better investment

Another common misconception is the idea that wedding photography is a better investment rather than wedding videography. However, this is wrong because while photography is great at capturing single moments, videography is where you have the opportunity to relive the moments in high definition. As much as possible, it’s always a good idea to combine both photography and videography to have a full recollection of your wedding day.

Wedding videos are pointless because nobody watches them

You may think that Lakeland wedding videography is pointless because you’ve seen too many wedding tapes stowed away and gathering dust. So why bother spending money on something that you might not even watch?

The reality is that more people are watching and rewatching their wedding videos to relive their wedding days and the memories, so you’re going to find yourself breaking out the wedding video more often than you expected.