Creative Things To Do With Your Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | Apr 11, 2019

Now that you have your Lakeland wedding videography with you, what do you plan to do with it? Surely, you cannot watch it every single day and you cannot force your friends and family to watch it with you every time you gather together. You’ll end up annoying them if you can’t seem to stop talking about your wedding video.

Then again, not talking or reusing or maximizing your Lakeland wedding videography is such a waste of money. As we all know, hiring a videography team isn’t exactly cheap. You spent a huge amount of your savings on this videography company so you are within your rights to think of creative ways to use your wedding videos.

Upload it on your wedding website and social media accounts

Did you create a wedding website when you were just preparing for the wedding? A wedding website is usually free and it details the preparation for the wedding—what kind of ceremony will there be, where the reception is going to be, who the guests are, where is the honeymoon going to be, etc.

This website, usually hosted by wedding companies, are not going to be taken down unless you deactivate it. Use it afterward to upload your wedding video so you can show your “followers” (your friends and family) what transpired during the wedding day itself.

Submit it to a wedding video contest

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about wedding video contests, where the winning couple can win their dream vacation or even their dream house. Why not submit your wedding video to these contests and see where it’ll get you. No pressure.

All can be made just for fun. We’re sure you’ll love the idea of being able to visit a new place all for free. If you think your wedding video is going to make the cut, then prepare it and submit a link to it so the judges can decide for themselves.

Let the videography company use it for promotions

If you had a destination wedding and the Lakeland wedding videography company hasn’t had a promotional material for that particular destination, you can offer them free use of your wedding video.

What do you get in exchange? Well, attention and a bit of pride about the kind of wedding you had and prepared for. You may also ask the videography company for a discount or freebies the next time you avail of their services.