Freelancing as a Lakeland Videographer

by | Dec 14, 2020

People always try to make the distinction between a Lakeland videographer who’s employed by a videography company and a freelancer. In truth, much of what they do are similar. They cover events, weddings, occasions, celebrations, and many other things. They create videos out of seemingly random everyday things. They connect with clients and talk to them about their businesses and the many ways videos can help them achieve their goals.

Besides, freelancers can work for video agencies and staffing companies, too. Although they are on a per-project basis, they pretty much do the same things that an employed videographer would do. Plus, they have a more varied experience because they have worked with different clients and industries in the past.

Well-rounded Portfolio

Freelance videographers are capable of different styles of videography because of their experience. Many of them have worked in different industries and settings. That allows them to apply their learnings to their work. When they create a portfolio, which is used to attract clients, they can add a variety of work there. That will attract more clients from different industries. They can cover personal events, corporate events, and many other things in-between. This makes freelancers truly flexible.

Better Rates

Except when the Lakeland videographer has accepted a project from a video production company, most of them are pretty flexible when it comes to their rates. They dictate the fees they want to collect from their clients. There usually is a guide on how videographers should charge their clients (per hour or per project) but when you are dealing with a freelancer, they have more power to negotiate and close a deal.

Technology and Skillset

Sure, videographers working with companies have more advanced technologies and equipment. They can better upgrade their equipment because companies invest in them. However, the camera a videographer uses is not the be-all and end-all of his skills. One can have the best camera in town but not the eye for videography. Photographers and videographers are artists. They see something ordinary folks don’t. This skillset is what you are paying for and not the camera that they use.

Whether you’re working with a freelancer or an in-house Lakeland videographer, remember to focus on your video’s goals. Videography is more than about having good visuals. It’s about the message that comes with it. If it’s not sending the right message to the intended audience, no amount of good visuals will turn it into a success.