Get The Best Lakeland Wedding Videography Shots With a Drone

by | Sep 6, 2019

More wedding couples have comes to expect drone services as a part of the Lakeland wedding videography package. Because of its immense popularity within the production community, this is no longer a surprise.

However, a lot of people are still very inexperienced when it comes to flying a drone and capturing footage at the same time. Fortunately, because of its popularity, there is no shortage of guides online that are willing to help you with this.

If this is your first time handling a drone for Lakeland wedding videography, here are some tips that can help guarantee that you get only the very best shots.

Get the legal stuff out of the way

If this is your very first time handling a drone, make sure that you get all of the legal stuff out of the way before you begin shooting a single piece of footage. Nowadays, because of the prevalence of drone tech, plenty of governments are requiring the compliance of legal requirements by drone pilots. This includes drone registration and pilot licenses.

Don’t forget your insurance

If you’re going to be flying drones commercially, make sure that you have insurance for your drone. This helps make sure that if anything happens while you fly your drone, you will not be liable for it. Drone insurance also helps make sure that if your drone gets damaged on a shoot, you won’t lose your drone investment.

Work with your venue

When it comes to shooting Lakeland wedding videography with a drone, one of the biggest tools that you can use to your advantage is the wedding venue. If this is an outdoor venue and ceremony, then you’re even more in luck.

Once you get the request for the wedding videography shoot, then you should consider taking the time to scout out the location to plan out what kind of shots you’re going to need to take to make the most out of the venue.

Watch the weather

Of course, if it’s an outdoor venue, be wary of the weather. Great weather can make sure for some really great shots, but if it looks like rain, make sure that you have a backup plan at the ready.

If you have the wedding date, take a look at the weather report to plan ahead for what you need to do to make sure that the drone shoot goes well. Take note that extreme wet or cold weather is not good news for your drone as it can damage the internal components of this.