How Analytics Should Impact Lakeland Video Production

by | Dec 23, 2020

Over the past month, about 84% of internet users would have watched a video ad on YouTube or social media. Of that percentage, more than 46% will have taken action. What does that mean? It means that about half of those who watched your video either went to your website, purchased a product, called your office to inquire, shared a post, liked your page, or subscribed to a newsletter. This is how effective Lakeland video production can be in marketing a business.

But more than anything else, what this tells you is that analytics play such a crucial role in promoting a business on the internet. All the things we mentioned pertain to analytics. What did your audience do during and after watching the video? Did they click on a link embedded in a video? Did they like the post or comment on it? These tell you exactly what you have to know about using analytics for videos. It tells you that you are reaching and impacting your audience.

Duration of the Video That Your Market Watches

When experts suggest that your Lakeland video production should only be about a minute long, it’s because that’s just how long any market can stay and watch a video. This has been proven again and again. No audience wants to watch a lengthy video that tells exactly the same thing: buy from us.

How much of your video does your audience want to see? Are they closing it after a few seconds? Are they watching it until the end? That tells you all you need to know about how your market perceives your videos.

What Your Market Does After Watching the Video

What do you want your market to do after watching the video? Is it to subscribe (of course)? Is it to comment, share, or click on a link? These are all important actions, but their activities after watching the video should align with the goal of the Lakeland video production. This is why it’s important to identify what your goals are before you begin brainstorming about the video concept.

Whatever they do after watching your video will impact what you need to do in your future productions. If they are not clicking on the link you want, then this means that you are not very clear about your goal. That’s why it’s critical to know how your viewers are responding to your video. This will help you make better ones in the future.