How Customer Testimonials Impact Lakeland Video Production

by | Dec 1, 2019

How do you separate yourself from other Lakeland video production companies? Put yourself in the position of your target market. Why would they choose to hire your company instead of the other video production agency? What makes your company stand out? We’re often focused on providing more services and products that we forget about one basic thing: customer service.

When past clients are satisfied with your service, it is more likely that they will recommend you to their peers. But why wait for that recommendation to come when you can seek it out? If they talk with their peers and recommend your services to them, they are essentially only recommending you to a small group of people.

You need a bigger audience to know you’re the best in the industry. That’s why you need to ask your clients to leave a testimonial on your website or social media page. And since you’re in the business of making videos, why not make a video testimonial for free? If they’re comfortable enough to share their experiences with others, your clients can turn your business around.

Customers Trust Customers

More than 78% of customers depend on reviews and recommendations before hiring a Lakeland video production company. They rely on these positive reviews more than on any form of advertising or marketing campaign. Your company’s best marketing strategy is to provide great customer service. If you make your clients happy, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to build a clientele around their networks.

Your target market is more likely to believe past clients because they are paying customers. They prefer real customers than influencers. Social media influencers, like endorsers and celebrities, get paid. Customer reviews are freely given because they are so satisfied with your services and products. Potential clients trust that these reviews tell about the kind of company that you’re running.

Customers Build a Good Reputation

The only thing you got going for you in any industry is your reputation. You need to protect that at all costs. So many brands rely on heavy advertising and marketing strategies to build their reputation. You only need to do two things: provide great customer service and persuade your customers to leave a good review or recommendation on your site.

Such a good reputation will never go unrewarded. You will find your company ranking high on most Google searches. There will be more inquiries. There will be more bookings. That’s how customer testimonials impact a Lakeland video production company.