How Lakeland Video Production Captions Benefit SEO

by | Jun 6, 2019

How hard is it to make Lakeland video production? The process involves planning, preparing, and implementing. You do this because you expect the video to boost the SEO of your website. But most video marketers know that without an audience, all this work will go to waste. If no one’s going to watch the video, all your hard work will be for nothing.

Most of the videos on social media are not captioned. Check out YouTube and you can count on your hands the number of videos that have text overlay on them. This means there’s a huge potential for growth just by adding text to your videos.

So, how does a Lakeland video production work for SEO? When internet users search Google for something, the algorithm automatically crawls your site for relevant information. But search bots don’t have the power to watch a video.

They don’t recognize the video and what it is saying. It can only read the text and the code of your pages for indicators of what these pages are all about.

Put The Video On Its Own Page

It is easier for Google to identify what the video is about when it is placed on the page that is dedicated to it. This means that if your website contains a web page dedicated to videos, that should appear right on that page.

The title of that page should be the topic discussed in the video. Because it is hard for Google to read captions, putting the videos on its own page will help in their identification.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you want the videos to stand out from other content, you should use specific and long-tail keywords in the caption. Most keywords are similar to each other.

This means that Google will see these keywords with no realization as to which videos are of better quality compared to others. If you want your Lakeland video production content to stand out, you should use long-tail keywords along with short-tail and popular ones.

Upload The Full Transcript On The Page

You would want to post the full transcript of the video on the page. You can put it either directly on the page, in the HTML header, or on a linked page.

Google will be able to crawl the page and find the right keyword to boost the site’s SEO. Including a transcript of the caption will also help your video be more accessible even to people with disabilities.