How Much Should You Spend on Lakeland Wedding Videography?

by | Aug 26, 2020

A photographer captures the most important moments of your wedding in stills. A Lakeland wedding videography contractor will document the touching soundbites, emotions, and sweet moments you will never want to forget. The cost of wedding videographers varies by supplier. But especially now in this pandemic, videographers cost far less than their pre-pandemic fees.

On average, a wedding videographer will charge a couple $1,800 for a whole day of wedding festivities—that means from the pre-ceremony to the ceremony to the reception. This average is lower than what most photographers ask from a couple, which is why some couples decide to just hire a wedding photographer and not a videographer.

But a wedding videographer is a worthy expense for your wedding. It might even be more important than where you are getting married. These videos will last you for a lifetime. When you’re both old and gray and want to reminisce on your youth, your wedding video is what you’re going to want to see.

Generational Trend

Do all couples want wedding videos? Back in the day, couples only need handy video cameras to record their wedding. They don’t need flashy music-video-style edits for their wedding video. That shows that professional Lakeland wedding videography might be a generational trend. In 2019, a study said that millennials are most likely to hire a professional videographer for their wedding than their parents a generation ago. About 40% of millennials said that they want to hire a pro to film their big day.

When couples have a destination wedding, it’s even more pertinent for them to hire a professional videographer. Next to the location of their wedding, the videographer might be the most expensive supplier they will hire. What is the use of getting married on a beach or the edge of a cliff anyway if there is no videographer to capture that moment? These kinds of memories get forgotten over time.

The Pandemic

Like everything else, the pandemic didn’t let the wedding industry remain untouched. In fact, the events industry could be one of the hardest-hit industries of all. Since people are not allowed to gather and congregate in large groups, big weddings turned into small and intimate weddings. A Lakeland wedding videography supplier cannot charge their clients $1,800 to $2,500 for a 10-people wedding party.

So, if you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer, think again. It’s one of the most important suppliers in any wedding. Forget about the same-day edit video. At the very least, you should have a video of the whole spectacle for documentation purposes.