How To Choose Your First Lakeland Drone Photography Equipment

by | Feb 5, 2019

Here’s the thing about photography: everybody loves it and everybody wants to learn how to do it but not everyone is talented, skilled, and fortunate enough to have the time to learn about Lakeland drone photography.

Whether you’re a newbie in this field or someone who’s a professional photographer but wants to improve his skills or even just a regular Joe who likes to capture beautiful trips in an extraordinary way, you will learn a lot by reading up everything you can about picking up your first drone camera.

This guide is all you need with you when choosing the perfect drone and camera to complement your skills or enhance what you already know.

Can you afford a drone?

There was a time when you need to be a huge movie production company to be able to afford a drone. Back then, only big production houses have the budget to shoot a video from the air. But thanks to the manufacturing of inexpensive technology, almost every household in America and even around the world can have access to a drone.

Yes, drones now go as low as below the $100-mark. The results, of course, are absolutely fascinating because even the most novice photographer can now take stunning photos from the air.

If you want a beginner drone, remember to not spend more $50 on it. If you have a GoPro or an action-camera, you also won’t need to buy a camera for your drone because you can simply attach your GoPro to the drone. But if you’re willing to shell out a bit more, you can spend close to $400 for a drone with a camera that gives better image stabilization.

For beginners, a small and cheap drone is the best way to go. For under $50, you can practice your flying skills and enhance your ability to take photos from above. You will also learn the basics of piloting the drone so you can avoid getting into accidents once you graduated to the bigger drones.

If you have money to spare, you can get a drone with a GPS system. These drones are more stable for flying and they can automatically return home if you mess up flying it.

When learning to fly a drone, remember to start first in your own home or backyard. Just do a couple of rounds and loops before flying the drone in a public place. This will give you a better grip on using this equipment.