How To Do Initial Research For Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | Feb 6, 2019

A Lakeland wedding photography team is one of the most expensive wedding suppliers that an engaged couple has to prepare for in their wedding. Together with the venue and the caterer, wedding photographers compose the top three most expensive suppliers of any wedding.

Especially in today’s digital world, you cannot have an event and not have someone take gorgeous photos and videos of it to be posted on Facebook at a later date.

But as a newly engaged couple, where do you begin looking for a wedding photographer? Chances are, you already have someone you want to hire. So, here’s the deal: check that out first by emailing and inquiring about the services and fees.

If you can afford the team and they are available on your chosen wedding date, you can hire them immediately (assuming, of course, you have checked and rechecked every single detail of their services and the quality of their outputs).

However, for those who do not have an idea who or what they want, you can do initial research through our best friends—Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Try a random search on Google for “wedding photographers + location” to make sure you’re going to hire someone who can easily be accessed and who knows the area. You’ll find a list of photographers in your area.

List down their names and contact numbers so you can do what people normally do these days when they want to find out anything about a business or a person—they check out Facebook and Instagram.

Now, open your Facebook or Instagram app and start typing the name one by one. You can find their official pages where they post photos of their projects.

Though you may want to check their website, too, there are plenty of wedding photographers that now rely solely on Facebook and Instagram in terms of marketing their services.

Once you have perused the photos they posted, you can make a shortlist of the photographers you are eyeing. Only then you should send a message to each one, asking about their availability and their rates and their terms of the contract. There’s no point messaging everyone in the hopes of finding the cheapest one.

That should come after quality. You’ll be surprised that some really good wedding photographers charge less than amateurish ones. It is always best to ask before deciding that you can’t afford it. There’s no harm in trying, anyway.