How To Look For A Drone Photography Service

by | Jun 13, 2018

Drone photography is a big trend these days in marketing strategies and advertising techniques. It has become almost similar and ubiquitous to promotional materials. No longer are we contented with the DSLRs and the mirrorless cameras of this world. We’re into something even grander than capturing photos and pausing time itself.

Drone photography can capture an event, a special occasion, a real property, and many others in order to transcend a message that ordinary on-the-ground photos could not. Use this for your business and you’re bound to receive many inquiries about your products and services.

Check out Facebook community pages

Facebook is where these drone photographers converge to talk about the latest equipment and technology, as well as the techniques they are using. You can search for local community pages about photographers and look for someone who knows his way around drone photography. Of course, most of these pages are closed, so you may have to ask permission to access it. Send the page admin a message telling what and who you are looking for.

Go to an online forum

An online forum is where you could speak directly to these photographers. Unless the thread is close, you could definitely ask the photographers what you need to know about drones and aerial photography. Most of them are willing to answer your queries, of course, but they could also direct you to someone who is doing the same services in your locality.

Visit an online Yellow Pages site

Do you know about Yellow Pages? These are, well, literally yellow pages on the end part of the phonebooks before. This is where you could see local business listings, their contact numbers, what they do, and sometimes, even the prices of their services. There’s an online version of that now seeing as Yellow Pages have been obliterated. Check out the business listings in that online version and see which photographers you should be seeking.

Ask for recommendations from friends

Finally, we are sure that a friend or a relative has encountered someone who do this for a living. Ask them for their recommendations and they could pinpoint you to someone who does a great service. You are mostly assured, too, that your friend or a family member wouldn’t fool or hoodwink you for money. They would point you to the right direction and they would only be too happy to help you with what you are looking for.