How to Make a Lakeland Video Production That You Would Actually Want to Watch

by | Oct 29, 2020

You will hear a lot of tips about how to make a Lakeland video production. You will know about analytics, keywording, and various visual elements that help make videos as effective as they can be. But the true test of a video and its effectiveness is your reaction to it. Do you want to watch the video? If you are the target audience, would you even click on the play button?

Check Yourself

What makes you click on the play button? When you are browsing Facebook and a video suddenly pops on your screen, what makes you want to watch it? Is it because of the image on the thumbnail? Is it because of the description? Write down the reasons you would prefer to watch the video and think about these reasons when you make your own.

Create Buzzwords

What are buzzwords? These are catchy words that will make you want to check out what the video has in store for you. SEO specialists use these words to create intrigue and interest in the videos. Even before you actually clicked on the video, it has already been successful in creating an interest in your mind. You want to see what’s there because of some words that target you as an audience.

Working on Different Platforms

People prefer to watch videos that work on the platforms where they are viewing them. So, make sure that when creating these videos, they conform to the platforms where they will be posted. That might mean optimizing videos for different platforms.

This isn’t anything new. Businesses produce different videos for different target markets, too. One generic video cannot work for all markets. It’s the same thing with producing videos for different platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have requirements of their own. Make sure the videos fit these requirements.

Using the Same Introduction

Should you use the same introduction on your Lakeland video production or mix it up a little? Using the same introduction will create cohesion of the message. Your videos will have the same character and personality. Your audience will know what to expect from the videos. However, mixing them up will also help as it will create excitement in your audience. They won’t know what to expect next, and that will create a kind of buzz whenever you post a new video on your feed.

Lakeland video production is an important piece of your overall marketing effort. You should take time to think long and hard about what will make it effective. Although, in many cases, the guiding principle is to make videos that you would want to watch yourself.