How to Nail Your Lakeland Video Production Portfolio Reel

by | May 27, 2021

Video marketing made by professional Lakeland video production companies is not new. Many other companies have invested in video marketing in the past. Today, however, the game has completely changed.

Instagram’s 1.5 billion active users, for example, are addicted to Instagram Stories. There’s also a new kid in the block by the name of TikTok. The aim of TikTok is for companies to make TikTok videos rather than ads. And why not? With over 800 million users, this video-sharing app will soon become the future of digital marketing.

So, how can you nail your reels? How can you reach your audience more effectively?

Use Hashtags

Advertisers are so consumed with making the perfect video that they forget about using hashtags. Sure, search engine optimization is more complicated than using mere hashtags, but using the right ones will do these things: amplify the brand, identify competitors in the market (those using the same hashtags), and increase your followers (people sometimes follow hashtags and not brand names).

The fact that you’re using the hashtag will make sure that your reels appear on the relevant feed. They will better target your market.

Reach Out to Influencers

This generation is not going to sit idly while your company reaps all the rewards. They want to be relevant. They want to be seen. Instead of your marketing video solely focusing on what your brand can deliver, turn the spotlight on them. They want attention so give it to them. One of the many reasons why TikTok has been very successful is because it allows users to play around with their reels. Why not do the same with your marketing video?

Comment on Followers’ Posts

Don’t just try to attract followers to your posts. You should also visit their posts, so you can like and comment on them. They will love the interaction with you, and the fact that their posts matter to you as a business. How should this translate to your videos? Call on your followers to tag you on relevant posts (those that show the products they bought from you). Make this part of your CTA, so they always feel that you value their patronage.

It is very difficult to trend using Lakeland video production because of the tough competition in the industry. You have to be truly different to trend or go viral. However, without marketing videos, you are going to lose against your competitors. You will have a hard time carving a niche for your business. That’s not easily reversible.