How to Use Lakeland Video Production on Instagram

by | Dec 3, 2020

What do you notice when you browse Instagram? Don’t you notice that a lot of brands and influencers are now using Lakeland video production as part of their content marketing? They are no longer content with just posting static content like articles and images. They are using animation and videos to capture their audience’s attention.

Web users, and people in general, rely more on visuals than on text. This means that they would rather watch a five-minute video than read a 300-word article. Even if the latter is shorter, people will still choose to watch a video since it is easier for them to remember. This is what you should remember when creating content for Instagram. Videos are the most captivating content you can post on social media right now.

Keep It Short

The platform will only show the first one minute of your video on the feed. If it is longer than a minute, your followers will have to continue watching it on the Instagram TV feature. Unless it is really important, you don’t want them to have to do that. Many will not continue watching the video and will just move on to the next post.

That is why it’s important to keep your video within a minute short. That will allow you to show the best of the video on the feed. If that is not possible, the least you can do is to make sure your goals are clear. Make sure your audience knows what they can expect from the rest of the video within the first 30 seconds.

Tell a Story

To make a captivating video, make sure there’s a story there. A good trick is to divide the video into three parts—beginning, middle, and end. Decide how many seconds you want each part to last. Then, make sure you use each second optimally. Instagram videos play automatically when the users scroll through their feed. Start your video with an eye-catching scene. Make sure the first seconds of your video will already capture your followers’ attention.

Light Up Your Video

Find natural light for your videos. Although modern lighting equipment can make your subjects look fantastic on screen, nothing beats the quality of natural light. Make sure your subjects are facing the light when shooting the video. But if you do not have access to natural light, then you have to be creative in creating your Lakeland video production. You can soften harsh artificial lights with a white poster board or paper used as a reflector.