How to Use Professional Corporate Video Production for Online Meetings

by | Apr 15, 2021

During Zoom meetings, you might have noticed some members of the team nodding off or losing interest in the conversation. That’s because people were not made for virtual socialization. It is easy to lose track of a conversation when there are multiple factors like background noise and intermittent internet signal. So, how can the host make sure that everyone listens to these meetings? They can use corporate video production to capture the attention of the participants.

A good corporate video production works wonders. First, it can explain policies and processes more effectively than anyone can. Second, it can use animation to make things more interesting. And third, it can capture the imagination of the meeting participants, thereby creating a more engaged and animated meeting of the minds.

Creating the Right Video

But before you can play the video for the meeting participants, you must first make one that complies with all the requirements of a virtual meeting. It must be short and concise. It must have good quality graphics, audio, and visuals. The video must also be clear in its message. There should be no ambiguities. Once you’re sure of the quality of the video, you can then share it with the rest of the people in the meeting.

Choosing Between Asynchronous and Synchronous

Now, you need to choose between watching the video together or letting everyone watch it in their own sweet time. For many, synchronous viewing is a waste of time. Why couldn’t you just discuss the video during the meeting and allow everyone to watch it whenever they can and want? You can simply send a link to the video to the meeting participants and ask them to watch it before the meeting starts.

They can take notes about the video. They can raise arguments about the new policies and concepts introduced in the video. During the meeting, that’s when they can discuss the merits of what they watched. Are these policies fair? Are they possible?

Using Videos as a Form of Entertainment

Meetings can be boring, whether physical or virtual. To keep the meeting-goers entertained, you may want to play a nice corporate video production of better times—corporate parties, behind-the-scenes snaps, teambuilding events, etc. These moments will remind your employees why they are there in the first place; how wonderful it was to be a part of the company pre-pandemic. Although the pandemic has put everything on pause, you must all find it in your heart to work together for the good of the company.