Integrating Lakeland Video Production Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

by | Oct 20, 2020

Before you invest in a Lakeland video production for your social media marketing campaign, take a step back and look at what you have. The best way to approach video campaigns is to know who you are making them for. Knowing your audience is at the core of every marketing rule. It’s the tenet of successful marketing campaigns, whether you are using text or videos.


What kind of products and services are you selling? Who are primarily interested in them? Selling bows and headwraps, for example, is a market mover for mothers. Sure, fathers buy these things for their daughters, too, but not as much as mothers do. More than 90% of your target market are mothers, so make sure to create content that is relevant to what these mothers want to hear.

The only way they will click on a link, article, photo, or video is if the message resonates with them. Understand that mothers are busy taking care of their children. You need to capture their attention with the right imagery before they spend a minute or two watching the video.


Keep on testing the effectiveness of your videos. Some of the things you have to test are the duration of the video (test videos should be between 15 seconds to one minute), closed captioning (most videos get more views with closed captioning), music and sound effects, and informational videos versus entertaining videos. The results of these tests will help you determine the best way to integrate Lakeland video production into your social media presence.


Facebook and Instagram have different rules on video views than, say, YouTube. With YouTube, a view counts after five seconds or depending on the number of views you already have. If your videos have fewer than 300 views, YouTube will use the old reloading system to count the new views. However, once it reaches the thousands, you’ll have to deal with ads and their effects on your viewership.

Facebook and Instagram count views the moment the video plays. This makes it easier to trend and go viral on these two social media platforms. But there is also a lot of competition on Facebook and Instagram, so you have to utilize posting when your audience is online and want to watch videos.

When integrating a Lakeland video production campaign into your social media strategy, make sure to understand the nuances of your audience and the platforms you will use.