Is a Corporate Video Production Strategy Really Necessary?

by | Oct 28, 2018

In the digital age that we live in now, digital methods are taking the spotlight for marketing. Social media, email, and content marketing, these are very popular methods of digital marketing that plenty of companies are making use of today. One of the most popular types of marketing available today is video marketing. Because of this, plenty of companies are looking to add a corporate video production strategy to their already existing collection of marketing strategies.

However, while video is great for marketing, will a corporate video really help the company? There are people who don’t like the idea of using corporate video for their companies because a corporate video has been known to be perceived as boring by some audiences. If you’re considering using a corporate video production for your company, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

Great audience exposure

One of the biggest reasons why video marketing has become very popular is because visual forms of content are quickly becoming more and more popular as a digital marketing tool.

The reason behind this is because, on the internet, we are given a wide variety of options that are easily available to us with a few taps of the screen. Since we absorb information and content at a very fast pace, users prefer content formats that allow them to process the information more quickly.

Audio/visual content is one of the easiest formats for the human mind to process, and videos are the perfect platform to achieve this. The interesting thing about video is how versatile it is as a learning tool, and can be customized to appeal to all sorts of audiences.

It makes your company more relatable

Video is a great format for telling your company’s story. Nowadays, people prefer to work with or purchase products from companies that they can relate with.

Having a story or a cause attached to your company makes you more appealing to consumers. Consumers like being able to help out causes and charities while getting a great product or a service at the same time.

Good for SEO

If you’re looking at it from a technical aspect, a corporate video production strategy is great, especially for your website traffic. This is because websites that contain video are more likely to rank higher on search engines.

The reason behind this is because when users stop on your website to watch your video, they tend to stay longer on your website. If your video is compelling enough, then they will take the time to go through your website. All of this can lead to a huge boost in your site’s SEO.