Lakeland Video Production: Acing Your Holiday Video Marketing

by | Jan 3, 2021

Whether it’s the 2020 holiday season or some obscure sales even in 2021 and beyond, holiday shopping has truly changed for better or for worse. Today, more than 45% of Americans have done their holiday shopping online. That’s a 15% tick from last year’s numbers despite the pandemic that ravaged economies and livelihoods. If you’re in the retail business, you are in for a ride as holiday shopping—with the kind of competition that surrounds you—is going to be vital for business. That’s why you’ll notice many businesses starting to invest in Lakeland video production. It’s the best way to tell your customers: “I’m here.”

Holiday video marketing has long been a trend. It is nothing new. You see it all the time playing at Macy’s. You just don’t notice it because you’re so busy eyeing those rows of perfume bottles. Today, it is more important than ever to have holiday video marketing because people are going to rely on it for their online shopping.


There are video templates for a holiday video that you just have to fill up. Small businesses rely on these templates for their video marketing during the holidays. Sure, it has the same feel as other marketing videos, but you have to try to make it your own with videos of your store, staff, and customers. You can also customize the message on the video so that it conforms to the type of business you have.

Stock Video and Audio

So, you do not have the manpower and resources to shoot your own video? That’s fine because there are stock videos and audios available on the internet. You can use them as b-roll footage, or you can use them as the main video material. The same goes for the audio. If you are going to use a holiday song, make sure that it’s not copyrighted. Otherwise, you may face sanctions or your video will be muted on social media.


Finally, you can prepare well ahead and call a professional Lakeland video production company. They can help you come up with the right holiday video marketing that will attract your target audience. For many small businesses, the holidays provide the best opportunities to recuperate the losses they incur throughout the year. During this pandemic, this is the most important thing that businesses should do—use videos to target markets and lock them in as loyal clients for years to come.