Lakeland Video Production: Tips for Making a Compelling Testimonial Video to Build Trust

by | Oct 20, 2020

Understandably, some businesses don’t want to ask for testimonial videos. This kind of Lakeland video production is hard to come by and ask for. It can feel scary and intimidating to reach out to customers and ask them to make a testimonial video for your business. What do you want them to say? Why should they help your business reach out to your target market?

But here’s what’s great with testimonial videos: you only need one or two on your website to create the outcome that you are aiming for. You will see the difference one testimonial video can make on your business. You won’t be able to help yourself but ask for another one from your loyal customers. Although the return on investment is hard to predict at the outset, testimonial videos can make a huge difference in your business.

Before the Interview

When you ask for a testimonial video, give your customers first an idea of what topics you will cover. But remember not to share all your questions first. You want their responses to be as organic and authentic as possible. Their answers need to be real. They should sound natural and unrehearsed.

Shooting the Video

If possible, shoot the video at the customer’s workplace. That makes it seem more real. It helps drive the authenticity factor. When your target audience sees the videos as being in the place of work of the customers, that makes them believe the videos more. It doesn’t look stage if it’s not in a studio somewhere.

Capture More B-roll Footage

You will need a lot of b-roll footage. Even behind-the-scene footages are important to fill in the Lakeland video production later on. Whether you think you will need the shots or not, take them. You never know what you can make of these raw footage. The small moments can make your videos more cohesive.

Edit Later

Let the camera run even through the bad takes. You can ask the interviewees to repeat what they said if they had trouble getting the words out on the first try. However, keep the videos as natural as you can. Edit the bad parts later, but make sure it will still look as organic and authentic as possible.

Keep It Conversational

Don’t be too formal. Make sure that your subject feels comfortable talking with you. A natural conversation will lead to a more emotional and authentic response. This is the kind of Lakeland video production that your target market can empathize with. The message will resonate better with them.