Lakeland Video Production: Understanding the Behavior of Your Viewers

by | Nov 19, 2020

The problem with many business owners is that they don’t take the time to get to know their audience before calling a Lakeland video production company to take their corporate videos. So, what they create is a misrepresentation of what their audience wants to hear from them. This is a waste of money and resources. Do not ever conceptualize and shoot anything without first understanding the viewing habits and attitudes of the viewers.

Where Do They Watch?

Try to understand that not everyone watches the video while lounging in a poolside chair. Or, they don’t watch the video before going to sleep. Why would they watch a corporate video before sleeping? Rather, they watch a video when they’re either interested in what it has to say or there’s nothing left for them to watch while they’re stuck in traffic or in a grocery line.

So, most of your viewers watch the videos from their mobile phones. They’re either standing in a grocery aisle while waiting for their turn or taking their coffee break at work. Both of these situations work for any business owner. All they have to do now is focus on how to send the message when their target market is multitasking or bored out of their wits.

The answer to this is through closed captions. The reason why many videos have subtitles and captions is because of how people are consuming them. Since viewers can’t basically turn up the volume at a line in the grocery store, they have to rely on captions and subtitles. As a business owner or video producer, you have to make sure your videos have subtitles.

Are They Focused?

Can they focus on the message? What were they doing while watching the Lakeland video production? Are they taking care of the kids or cooking meals? That’s why video producers make sure that the videos are as streamlined and concise as possible. These videos shouldn’t last more than two minutes. If it does, they have to readjust the content and make sure it is light and not boring at all.

When Are They Watching the Videos?

Do they watch it at night? Or how about in the morning before the kids wake up? Timing your videos perfectly is also important for its success. Knowing when they like to consume your video will help you craft a better message and a more appropriate campaign. It will also help you determine when’s the best time to upload the Lakeland video production.