Lakeland Videographer: Yes, You Need Marketing Skills, Too

by | Nov 24, 2019

Ten years ago, it would be a nightmare to suggest to a Lakeland videographer to learn about marketing. After all, their job is to create amazing video outputs, right? Why would they ever want to learn about marketing when they have such a cool and breezy job? Times have changed and videographers must add to their skills if they want to survive in this industry. Yes, even if said skills happen to be the land of the tough and gritty marketing strategies.

Videographers need to learn not only how to market their services, but also how to make better marketing videos for their clients.

Understand Your Clients’ Customers

You are not in a position to learn who your clients’ are marketing to. That’s for them to know. However, it is important to try and have an idea of who you are creating these videos for. The goal of every videographer is for their videos to be shared again and again. Perhaps, even go viral. But they cannot do that if the videographer doesn’t know anything about what the clients’ ultimate goals are.

Determine the Video Style

Now that you understand what your clients’ customers are expecting, you should choose the video style that will work on them. There are plenty of video styles to choose from—interviews, documentaries, testimonials, and product demonstrations. But knowing your clients’ audiences is not the only thing that matters when it comes to determining the right video style for your business. You should also assess the project or campaign and choose the style that will best highlight your message.

Choose Apps and Platforms

Most videographers and marketers would choose between YouTube and Vimeo when uploading their videos. There’s an embed code that they can use for their websites, though most experts will suggest uploading the video directly on the website for SEO purposes.

But this is not the only thing that videographers must learn. They must also decide which platform will best promote the video. Should you upload the video on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Determining which platform speaks the message you’re trying to send is one of the things you need to learn.

A Lakeland videographer cannot be solely responsible for creating a video. He must also learn how to market and promote that video on platforms that will help improve the client’s brand. This additional skill will bring more clients to the videographer. With plenty of arsenals, he will separate himself from his competition.