Lakeland Wedding Videography: Getting Creative During a Pandemic

by | Sep 5, 2020

Wedding venues are reopening. This means that Lakeland wedding videography suppliers can expect more inquiries and bookings. Since the government lifted restrictions on business operations and mass gatherings, couples who postponed their weddings back in March can rethink about their wedding dates and preparations. But that doesn’t mean everyone feels comfortable gathering people together to celebrate their marriage. Many are still wary about how to go about creating wedding memories while the world is facing a health crisis.

Make It Intimate

Weddings are supposed to be intimate gatherings of people who are close and love the couple getting married. But lately, because of social media, weddings became a fiesta of grand wedding cakes and hundreds of people mingling with each other in a hotel ballroom. Since the pandemic, couples got married only with their family and close friends in attendance. You should seriously think about being that intimate during your wedding.

While large gatherings are allowed in some states, especially if your wedding will happen outdoors, you can be more prudent and pragmatic. A small gathering of people to celebrate your wedding will be more meaningful for you especially during these times.

Practice Your Poses

To limit your interaction with the Lakeland wedding videography suppliers, as well as the photographer you are going to hire, practice your poses beforehand. This way, the videographer and photographer won’t have to come near you to guide you on how to pose before the camera. Yes, you are uncomfortable before the camera, but remember that you’re doing this just once in your life. Make the most out of what you’re paying your wedding suppliers.

Wear Masks All the Time

Except for when you need to have your photos taken, wear a mask and shield all the time. That includes the bride and groom. There’s no better way to ruin the start of a marriage than to hear that someone from your party got sick. Not only are you going to feel guilty, but you’re also going to wonder if you’re going to develop the same symptoms. Again, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should also care about your wedding suppliers. Although you are going to pay for their services, that doesn’t mean they should risk their lives for you. If you or anyone in your party do not want to wear a mask, let your Lakeland wedding videography know about that. If the videographer will take that risk, that should be his choice. Don’t make the choice for him by not telling him, and surprising him on the day itself that you and your party are non-mask-wearing people.