Lakeland Wedding Videography: Rules for a Safe Pandemic Wedding

by | Sep 16, 2020

Many states have started to reopen since last month. People can now start familiarizing themselves with the new normal. Though they are still wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, there are far more people in the streets now than before. The economy is starting to regain its footing, too, which means industries like the wedding industry can recalibrate their services. But for a Lakeland wedding videography company, the risks are still great. They must still enforce safety protocols for their videographers and clients.

Some clients are still not comfortable with these rules. That’s why it’s important to disclose these rules to them when you first meet. If they are not comfortable following these safety protocols, then it is not worth it to put your workers’ lives at risk. Even the lives of their clients and guests will be put at risk.

Maintain Distancing at All Times

For the wedding venue to be safe, people should maintain social distancing at all times. Even if the government and health experts already reduced the social distancing requirements, your videographers and the crew will be safer if this kind of rule is going to be enforced during the wedding. Make sure that the clients are well aware that this is a safety protocol you want to follow.

Videographers generally stay away from the guests and the couple, anyway. At the most, they’d have to interact with people when they need to take a specific shot and angle.

All Guests Must Wear a Mask

Are the guests required to wear a mask? As a Lakeland wedding videography company, you must ensure the safety of your videographers and other staff. Your videographers are going to wear a mask even if it is uncomfortable for them, so why shouldn’t the couple and their guests follow the same health protocols? The guests can remove the mask when it’s time for a photoshoot but for the most part, it is to the interest of everyone for the guests to wear a mask.

The Videographers and Crew Should Have a Dedicated Space

Can the couple provide a dedicated room or space for the video crew? This is where they can change their personal protective equipment (PPE) if they are wearing one. They can also leave their equipment, gear, and tools safely in the room. It is much easier for everyone to move around the venue if they know their things are secured and locked safely.