Legal Requirements to Pull Off a Drone Lakeland Video Production Project

by | Sep 28, 2021

Hiring a drone Lakeland video production team is something that plenty of people are doing, for a wide range of reasons. Some people actually hire drone flight teams to follow them around on travels and film their adventures. Other people and businesses hire these drone flight teams to film unique footage to incorporate into their marketing or promotional videos. There is no end to the number of uses of drone Lakeland video production. However, while this is really cool to watch and use, it’s important to be responsible about it. Learn more about some of the legal requirements you need your drone flight team to comply with.


Of course, like any other transactions that you perform with professionals, one of the primary legal requirements you’re going to need from them is a legal contract. When you choose to work with a drone flight team, both parties will have to come to an understanding of what will be expected from both of you. These terms will be laid out in the contract, which is why it is very important that this is cleared up from the get-go. Never work with a drone flight team that does not offer a legal contract.


To the layperson, they are probably not aware of the fact that in order to fly a drone commercially, you will need legal certifications. Make sure that you check this when you’re looking for a drone flight team to work with. If you work with a drone flight team, always check and verify their legal certifications with the FAA. Working with a drone flight team with no legal certifications can have serious consequences for both of you.


Like any other video production that you might have worked with in the past, it’s important that you also check any permits that will be needed in order to film in certain areas. For drone Lakeland video production, these permits might be a little more extensive because of all of the legal red tape involved when it comes to looking for a location to film drone footage in.


The last thing you want is for the drone flight team’s drone to get damaged during a flight on your premises and for you to be held liable for it. Because of this, one of the most important legal requirements that you need to look out for is their insurance for their equipment and their crew. You never know what might happen on-set, and you want a drone flight team that is fully prepared for whatever can happen.