Must-Have Extra Skills For A Videographer

by | Jan 15, 2019

Let’s all stop the notion that a videographer is good for nothing except holding the camera and shooting the footages.

More and more videographers are improving and adding to their skills so they have something special to offer their clients. No longer are they just “cameramen” waiting for instructions from the directors or the producers. They can now direct their own videos as they have developed their keen eye for details.

Here are some of the extra skills that a videographer must have:

Communication skills

A videographer must be communicative. He will be meeting a lot with clients, listening to their demands, no matter how impossible it seems from the start. They should be able to communicate well with their clients, especially in the matters of how the video will come out.

The two parties should find common ground on how to work with each other to reach each other’s respective goals. The videographer must explain to the clients the process of producing a video and the possibilities of some of their demands.


A videographer would do well to have knowledge on how to write a script. He will be able to better follow a direction or a script when he knows the process of writing it. Some videographers can even suggest adlibs on the spot to make the production even more successful.

While scriptwriting is a highly specialized field of filmmaking and video production, a videographer can take a short course on it to get a grasp of the process involved in creating a script and how to execute it properly.

Also, scripts are very technical and are composed of plenty of filmmaking jargons. It is best to inundate one’s self with the terminologies for a more seamless production process.

Post-editing knowledge

We said it before and we’ll say it again: a videographer who has knowledge about post-editing processing will go a long way. For one, this helps him capture the important moments in the right angle and remember to shoot filler videos, too.

When a videographer understands what post-production looks for in footage, he will make the job easier for the editors, the one who actually cuts, splices, and puts together the footages to make a film.

Music production

While this skill is not a requirement, it would help if videographers know a thing or two about choosing the right music for a film or a video production.

If you know the kind of music that will be used for a wedding video, for example, you will be able to capture better and the right moments that will fit the chosen music.