Photography and Videography: Food Industry

by | Oct 1, 2018

Photography and videography services are becoming more sought after as more and more companies are realizing the advantages that high-quality photos and videos can offer in the form of marketing and promotional materials. We live in an age where visuals are a very important part of a company’s marketing strategy.

By accessing our social media platforms to view photos and videos, we rely on what we see to determine whether or not we buy a product, or whether or not we choose to support a company. One of the biggest industries that makes use of photography and videography in their marketing is the culinary industry.

Making food delicious is already covered by these restaurants, but they need an edge to make customers want to try the food that they prepare, which is where photography and videography come in. Here are some ways that photos and videos are used in the food industry.

Video to make food look good for commercials and ads

One of the most important applications of using photos and videos in the food industry is emphasizing how great a meal looks. Because the audience cannot taste or smell a commercial or ad, video production directors rely on a lot of strategies to bring out the most of a meal or food item, on a visual platform.

There’s an entire industry dedicated to food stylists in order to make food look good for commercials and ads. These ads appeal to the human sense of sight and make people want to eat the food that they see on screen.

Quick recipe videos for engagement

Videographers are becoming more creative in how to increase user engagement online. One of the most popular ways that food channels and profiles increase viewer engagement is by showcasing a recipe and showing the audience, step by step, how the dish is prepared.

These videos tend to be really quick, a minute a most, which is the perfect amount of time for a user to stop and watch the video unfold before them as they scroll through their social media feed. Good quality videos combine the techniques of food styling with this to double up on user engagement and advertising.

Increasing diner engagement by encouraging taking photos and sharing them on social media

Almost everybody has a smartphone these days, and restaurants are taking advantage of that by encouraging their patrons to take photos of their meals and experiences at their dining establishments, and sharing them on their social media feed.

When people search the restaurant in question, they’ll see that previous diners have had such a great experience and that the food looks so great that they decide to go to the restaurant.