Sacrifices Being Made By A Videographer

by | Jul 3, 2018

These days, we see videos and photos on social media all the time that we think it is easy to create these stunning images. The fact is, photography and videography are both high-skilled jobs that no ordinary people can do. A videographer must have a combination of talent and skills in order to become successful in this industry.

With so many people dabbling in this art, what kind of videographer should you be looking for? In order to better understand how a videographer mind’s work, you need to take a peek into the sacrifices they have made for the love of their profession.

Giving up personal time and space

Videographers work round the clock. They don’t look at the clock, see it’s 5PM, and automatically pack their bags and go home. They look at the work they have to do and don’t mind the time at all. That’s the price they have to pay for working on constant and strict deadlines.

They always have to reach some sort of a deadline for the conceptualization, the editing, and the shooting of the videos. Because of the nature of their jobs, they lose time for themselves and their families. They forget living outside the confines of an editing room and live for what their clients ask them to do.

Creative juices used by others

Have you ever done something and looked at someone claim the credit for it? Though videographers often put their names at the end credit of every video they created, it feels like your talents have been stolen if you have not been recognized even if a business becomes successful because of the video that you created.

There is a sense that your creativity was sold for nothing. And remember, we cannot put a price on creativity. This is also the reason why videographers can charge as little and as much as they want for their services.

Forced to work even without inspiration

Artistic people need inspiration to boost their creativity. Sure, they can work without one and they can simply be robotic about the project, but they work better when their minds are triggered by something. But videographers don’t have this privilege.

Once they are hired, they have to think about a concept even if there is nothing that inspires them about the project. They are forced to work, to edit, to shoot even if their creative juices are dried up for the time being. It takes a toll on a creative mind and sooner than later, videographers could feel burned out by the whole thing.