Safety First When It Comes To Drone Videography

by | Jan 7, 2019

Drones are essentially tiny helicopters that bring cameras wherever they go to capture moments you would otherwise miss in a ground-based camera crew. Drone videography is so popular these days in every industry you can think of—weddings, commercials, social media, corporate, land use surveys, agriculture, and forestry, etc.

But there’s one thing we need to remember with drones and that is keeping this equipment safe and making sure its operator does not have a run in with the law.

When you look for a photography and videography team for a corporate event or a wedding, you need to make sure there is a drone operator separate from the photographer or the videographer.

Taking photos is one thing but manning a drone and camera equipment is crazy. Your camera team should have a drone pilot who will be responsible solely for making sure that the drone flies and lands safe.

Planning and professionalism

The federal government mandates that drones, except for tiny ones, are registered with the proper authorities. This is helpful in keeping tabs with the drones’ activities and holding owners responsible when a drone enters private airspace or gets tangled up in public and private properties such as trees, buildings, other drones, etc. This makes drone owners responsible for keeping their drones away from places they are not allowed.

Drone operators need to be extensively trained to handle the equipment. Before the event, they need to build a safety plan, check their insurance policies, make a list of important shots, and coordinate closely with the other wedding suppliers.

When a drone operator does not care at all about making sure he and his equipment are safe, they could be a potential risk to the wedding party.

Get drone insurance

Unmanned aerial vehicles require personal property and liability insurance. This way, if someone or something gets hit, the operator is covered and the cost of the damage will be shouldered by the insurance company. This is especially important in wedding events where a specific venue is rented with other suppliers bringing in their own stuff.

A lot can happen when the drone equipment, for example, malfunctions. It can cause damage to the property and to the other suppliers’ equipment, too.

Do not take the easy way out on this and assume that your photography team has everything covered. Demand to see the insurance policy of the drone equipment to make sure your wedding will commence glitch-free.