Should You Update a Corporate Video Production?

by | Aug 9, 2020

Is it worth your time to update old corporate video production on your website? You invested in those videos before, too, but you know they don’t represent who you are as a company now. Should you allow it to remain active on your website or social media page? Or, is it time to take it down, create a new one, and simply reference to the old video?

The decision depends on how important the videos are. Some of these corporate videos are your brand-makers. This means that you were first to know with that video. While sentimentality has no place in marketing and advertising, it should be considered when the video has become a household name. If your customers reference that video when they hear your company name mentioned, then there’s no point deleting or moving the link from your website.

Instead, what you should do is enhance and repost that video. Was it of low quality? Are the videos grainy and the audio incomprehensible? You can take the message out of the video, reshoot it, and republish it for your current customers. If the message still works and it is still true to who you are as a brand, then you can simply enhance the video and use it again for marketing purposes.

But what if the message is already passé? What if it does not conform to who you are as a brand now? Then, you can refer to the video and make another one about the changes since that first video was produced. You can also discreetly remove the link from your page, making sure to produce a new video that reiterates the important points from the old video while also highlighting the changes in the company since then.

It’s important to update a corporate video production because this helps search engines rank your web page. Search engines are incredibly tied to videos. They love web pages with videos in them. They index these web pages because the algorithm tells Google that these are legitimate and relevant to the queries of the web users.

But Google also detects if the content on your website is old. This does nothing for your site’s SEO (search engine optimization). Instead, it makes your site look irrelevant. Google doesn’t like leading web users to old websites because they cannot find anything useful in it. So instead of trying to fool Google into thinking the content on your site is relevant to the queries, remove the old content and update them with new ones.