The Advantages of Aerial Photography

by | Jun 13, 2018

Aerial photography now is as vital as ordinary, on-the-ground photography. The technological advancements of drones made it possible to capture still images of the events taking place on the ground. There was a time when in order to get a picture of the whole property or event, we would have to hire a whole helicopter and a camera crew ready to ride in it. That’s over now.

However, as much as drones have become widely accessible even to the ordinary, home-schooled photographer, there’s something to be said about hiring professionals to do the job, whether it’s for personal or business use.

Here are the advantages of having an aerial photography of an event, a property, or a general location.

Showing off a property

Aerial photography is best used to show off a real estate property. When selling a home or a piece of land, it would be nice if the potential buyers could see the landscape properly—the neighborhood, the commercial estates nearby, the surroundings, etc. It would give the potential buyers a better sense of where the property is and how convenient or inconvenient it is to buy it. The photos would also show them the development of nearby areas and why they should consider investing in the said location.

Capturing the event and participants

We see events being promoted through the use of aerial photography. How great is it to see how successful a concert is by showing the number of concertgoers? Wouldn’t that shot look amazing? How about a wedding? A top shot would showcase how the wedding reception and ceremony was styled and the beautiful surroundings. There is nothing quite like capturing a moment as a wedding takes place by the cliff or by the seashore. How magnificent nature would be right at that moment.

Highlighting the sceneries and landscapes

If you are making a tourism and promotions material, a shot of the landscape of the place you’re advertising would look great on billboards, posters, and many other printed outputs. Take for example a shot of Switzerland. Though the Alps look magnificent from the ground, nothing is more spectacular than capturing it from an aerial view.

That would show the nearby and surrounding towns, as well as the beautiful scenery that encapsulate just how picturesque a Swiss town is near the Alps. Nothing could prepare you for an aerial shot of beautiful towns and cities. Even New York looks way, way better when viewed from the top of a building, for example.