Things To Remember Before Using Your Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | Apr 11, 2019

It can be tempting to immediately upload the Lakeland wedding videography as soon as we got it. After all, we have been waiting to get our hands on a copy of the wedding video. Our friends, family, and acquaintances on social media have all been begging to see the video.

But you must remember that there are a couple of things you need to check with the videographer first before you upload the video on social media. You don’t want copyright laws to come biting your behind, so better ask the questions and stop yourself from not minding social media norms.

Copyright for the music used in the video

Did you pay for the rights to use the particular music in your video? Though you are free to use any kind of music you want, you are not exactly free to upload the video and the music on social media unless you paid for it. You can reach out to the production company that made the music and ask for the copyright fee.

These fees are usually minimal. Rights to use the music, in general, won’t even hit the hundred-dollar mark so just pay the fee and upload the video to as many social media platforms as you want.

Rights to use the raw and edited materials

What is the agreement between you and the Lakeland wedding videography company? Are you allowed to upload the video on your own website or social media accounts or should they be the one to upload it on their site?

Do you have access to the raw and edited materials? Your contract will stipulate the kinds of rights you have to the video. Revisit the contract to make sure of the scope and limitations of your rights.

Scenes that may violate social media rules

Are there scenes in your wedding video that may violate social media rules? Could there be a joke there that may become offensive to other cultures? Was there an inside joke that can lead some people to feel unkindly towards you?

Sometimes, even if we don’t mean it, we end up offending communities and societies because of the way we speak or the jokes we share with each other. Make sure there are none of those kinds in the video. When you’re sure there’s nothing there that might make some sectors feel offended, then that’s a sign you can upload the video on social media.