What After-Sales Services Should You Expect From A Lakeland Drone Videography Agency?

by | Apr 17, 2019

The reason why other clients start to look for a different Lakeland drone videography company than the one they employed or hired before is that the previous one failed to provide after-sales services. These services are defined as all the help and information you can get from a company after you have bought a product or a service from them.

Companies should offer after-sales services to keep the customers as long-term clients and to make them come back in the future if they need the same product or service. Some great after-sales services are technical and logistical support for laptops and computers and free car-related services for a car salesman. In the field of Lakeland drone videography, you can offer these following after-sales services:

Keeping raw videos in your archive

If you’re subscribed to a cloud service with massive storage available, you can offer clients to keep a part of their raw videos in your archive. You can charge them for this or you can offer it for free for the first year of service after the contract has ended. Keeping the files in your cloud won’t cost you that much and you get to offer a potential client a pretty good post-sales service.

Uploading the videos to different sites

Some clients don’t know what to do with the Lakeland drone videography they have created. They don’t know how to maximize the benefits of that video by uploading them on various sites.

Though this is not part of your main job, it only takes a few hours to upload a video file on Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms. You can offer these services even though they are not part of the general terms of the contract.

Optimizing the videos according to where they will be presented

Now that the clients already have the video output they want, the problem presented to them is how to optimize that video according to the requirements of the platform they want to use.

Facebook has a different set of requirements, so as their websites, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and even Instagram. Optimizing videos will be great for SEO, helping future clients find the videos easily through Google.

Creating an MTV-style video format

You see these kinds of videos all the time on social media, whether it’s made for a wedding or a company launch or an actual music video for a local band. Creating teaser videos require technical skills.

Even if you are only hired to cover an event or for a simple shoot, you can offer to make the clients a teaser video so that they can upload that while the actual full video is being edited.