What Annoys A Lakeland Videographer The Most

by | Feb 5, 2019

Being a Lakeland videographer is not all about the glamour. They don’t attend cool parties all the time. They attend boring ones, too. They don’t get hired all the time to intimate or grand weddings. Sometimes, there are disastrous weddings that they have to take photos and videos of, too.

If only videographers can include these annoying things in the contract so clients know what to avoid doing. Of course, that was merely a joke. We live in the real world so we must always speak with grace and dignity and respect.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice to let clients know what annoy videographers the most?

“You are not allowed to take photos here…”

The rule is if the videographer is in a public place, he is technically allowed to take photos of anything and no private property or private citizen can do anything about it. Most videographers know their limits and they don’t take photos or shoot videos they are not allowed.

That’s why it is extra annoying when someone limits a videographer’s creativity even when he actually has no idea if it’s really prohibited to take photos from where the videographer is standing. Trust us, videographers know when to take and when not to take photos or footages.

“Take my photo!”

Clients hire videographers because they know what to do during an event. They are not there to be someone else’s personal photographer or videographer.

There’s also a good chance that if you give in to the temptation of taking that shot, you will be required to send that file to this person which brings us to our next point.

“Can you send me that?”

The files that videographers take are usually for the clients to see first. While we are not opposed to sending copies to the subjects in the photos, we prefer for the client to make that decision since he was the one who paid us anyway.

In an alternate universe, every single photo needs to be paid, especially if they are taken by a professional. And while most clients pay for the whole package, photographers and videographers are still not in the beck and call of every guest at the party.

“When are these going to be on Facebook?”

In every contract for a photo and video service, it is stipulated that the videographer owns the media files and he alone will decide which will be shared on the company’s social media sites.

Asking when the photos and videos will be available on Facebook puts the videographer on the spot and he may not exactly have the right answer for you.