What Challenges Does a Lakeland Videographer Face?

by | Oct 8, 2020

They say that facing and overcoming challenges will make you a better person. Is that still true when you are a Lakeland videographer? Whether you’re a newbie, an experienced videographer, or diving into freelancing for the first time, there are at least five challenges that you will have to face.

Finding Clients

It isn’t easy to convince clients to pay for your services. If it’s not easy to market them with products they can actually touch, imagine how difficult it will be to make them want to pay for something intangible, which is what videos essentially are. At first, you’ll probably have to take on projects from your friends and family. Eventually, as word gets out of your quality service and excellent videography skills, you should start receiving some inquiries. It will take a long time, though, before you can generate leads better.

Management of Clients

After you’re done doing the project with a client, the next challenge is to make them want to hire you again. Were they satisfied with your job? Were they impressed by your professionalism? You have to communicate consistently with them, even if they are not your present clients. Customers will only want to work with you again if you meet their criteria: affordable prices, excellent job, and quality customer service.


This brings us to the next challenge of being a Lakeland videographer. One of the biggest challenges of being a videographer is pricing your services competitively. You don’t want to charge your customers too much but at the same time, you should also think about your bottom line. It is expensive to invest in video equipment. Maintaining them is no small matter, too.

Your clients have to pay for pre-production, production, and post-production fees and duties. They should understand these when they hire your services. When pricing your services, consider how much input you have to make during the shoot.

Keeping the Equipment Up-to-Date

You cannot commit to a single camera or device. You have to keep up with technology. Otherwise, your services are going to be limited. You have to combine photography and videography by using DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. But to do this, you will also have to spend money on them. That’s why it is challenging to keep updated with technology. You need to be particular with the devices you are going to invest in.


You have to manage your finances as a Lakeland videographer. If you don’t, it is very easy to overspend and not earn anything from the job. Remember that this is as much as your passion as a business. You need to have control of your finances. The implication of bad financial management is detrimental to your business’ survival rate.