What Does a Good Corporate Video Production Look Like?

by | Mar 31, 2022

When done right, a corporate video production can do a lot for your business. When done right, a good corporate video can boost your online marketing efforts as well as increase user engagement and build a connection with your users.

However, when done poorly, you risk having your business associated with a bad video, which can hurt your reputation and cost you conversions. But what makes for a good corporate video, exactly? Here are some of the factors that make up a good corporate video production that you can incorporate into your next video.

Tell a good story

When you watch good corporate videos, the biggest defining factor that these types of videos have in common is the fact that they use their corporate videos to tell their company’s stories.

Ineffective company videos tend to emphasize the use of upper management to talk about how great it is to work at the company, which makes it hard for most people to relate with the company.

The problem is, this doesn’t make for very good storytelling. Try to determine what kind of story you want to tell with your corporate video when you start out.

Good video flow

You can’t have good storytelling if you don’t know how to make your video flow properly. Another trait of a good corporate video is how the video handles the transitioning from one scene to another to tell a well-founded, coherent story.

In order to make sure that your video has good flow, take the time to storyboard your video first, which helps outline the overall story that you’re trying to tell with your corporate video.

It gives audiences a reason to care

Another defining factor of an effective corporate video production is its ability to make audiences care about the subject material. Nowadays, customers care just as much about the values of a company as they do about the products and services that it offers.

An effective corporate video builds a connection with its audiences by showing them the kind of things that it values. Avoid sticking to the classic interview-type of a corporate video where managers talk about how great the company is.

Get testimonials and footage from people on all levels from the company. Interns and managers alike are a part of the same company, so everyone’s voices deserve to be heard.

Good audio

Of course, one must not forget the audio of a corporate Lakeland video production. Make sure that you choose audio that goes well with the footage that you’ve shot for your video to make the most out of your corporate video.