What Every Lakeland Wedding Videography Professional Must Have In His Bag

by | Apr 4, 2019

Seasoned Lakeland wedding videography teams already have a checklist in order. They know what they need to put in their bags for a big event and most of them have everything organized accordingly.

But for fresh videographers, those who are just starting in this industry, they still have a long way to go to develop a habit of putting and selecting only the very essential equipment in their camera bags.

The right camera

Every event is different. As such, you may have to choose a different camera to use for a specific event. While you don’t always need a professional camera, it is important for you to invest in a proper DSLR so that you can make a good impression to your clients. Before you go to the event, make sure to test the camera and familiarize yourself with all the settings of the camera.

Variety of lenses

The second most important thing to have in your camera bag is a variety of lenses. For weddings, you need to carry a wide angle lens, a zoom lens, a portrait lens, and any specialty lens you want to test out. You may want to bring a fisheye lens for some creative shots or a macro lens for close-up details of the wedding dress, the church, the flowers, and many more.


A tripod is handy for the ceremony because, in churches with very low light, you will have to reduce the camera shake and movements as much as possible. You can also get a monopod or a selfie stick to keep the camera steadier during the ceremony. It will also allow you to get overhead shots or difficult angles while the wedding is ongoing.


Lighting is the most important element of every wedding photo or video. Too dark and you may not see the subjects in the video. With too much light, the subjects will fade along with the background. Having artificial lights with you can correct the shadows and other lighting issues that may crop up during the wedding event.

Extra batteries and memory cards

The ceremony and the reception will go on for several hours. You cannot expect your camera to be ready for long hours. You need extra battery packs to make sure your camera will stay “awake” during the whole thing.

Batteries are the one item you cannot overlook. Make sure you also have extra memory cards just in case the ceremony goes too long and you have loads of things you need to shoot.