What Lakeland Wedding Videography Teams Must Expect During Weddings

by | May 16, 2019

The hardest part about covering a wedding—any kind of wedding at all—is capturing the first memories of the couple as husband and wife. The first kiss. The first glance. The first dance. These are moments in Lakeland wedding videography that could never be replicated and that’s why even the newest blood in the videography game cannot miss out on these scenes.

When you’re shooting a wedding video, there’ll be plenty of obstacles on your way and since everyone is a little tensed because of the time constraint, you’ll understand why the normally chill bride could suddenly turn into a bridezilla.

You’ll help calm her nerves by doing what you do best—your job. You’ll be the one thing she won’t have to worry about. She’ll be calm knowing all the videos are being shot, which is the most important component of every wedding coverage.

So, what else can you expect from your wedding coverage?

Demands from The One Who Paid Your Fees

Sometimes, the ones who paid your videography fees are not exactly the bride and groom. It could be a gift from one of their parents or even someone else from their guest list.

This person is also your client. Since he/she was the one who paid the fees, you’ll have to accommodate some of his/her requests, too.

If there are times that you’ll find the requests too absurd or does not equate to the bride’s own demands, talk to the groom (who’s likely less stressed) and see if he can do something about it. Try not to bother the bride with the smallest details.

A Request for You To Take Footage of Every Guest

Normally, videographers would strive to show every guest on the video. This is not always possible, especially if there are hundreds of guests. The videographer’s job is to never miss an important moment during the ceremony and even the reception.

If there is time to take a video of everyone in the room, the videographer’s going to do that. However, this won’t be a priority as he might miss some moments because he’s busy answering to all requests.

Bad Weather Can Ruin the Moment

Sure, these things happen all the time but if you’re worth your salt, you know how to prepare for a situation like this. Always bring your bad-weather gear with you.

This means a cover for your camera and yourself, a waterproofed backpack for all your devices, and the most positive attitude you can muster. After all, since the weather has already ruined the day for the bride, it’s best not to stress her out with your own worries.