What To Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding For Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | May 16, 2019

With a week before the wedding, your to-do list is probably a mile long and there are still a lot of things you need to accomplish before you tie the knot. We’re sure you don’t want to add to that stress by looking all puffy during your Lakeland wedding photography shoot, so here are the things you should definitely avoid a week before you get hitched:

Try on a New Hair Color

We don’t care if you have a celebrity hairstylist or how much he assured you that your hair will be just fine. Do not ever try a new hair color when you’re a week away from being wed.

The color could oxidize and you may find that the color doesn’t even suit your skin tone. If you want a refreshed look and shine for your hair, you should ask your hairstylist to put a gloss on your strands.

Pull an All-Nighter

You need a full eight hours of sleep if you want your skin looking healthy and young. Pulling an all-nighter or lacking sleep will lead to dark circles under your eyes. Your skin will also look tired and your makeup artist, no matter how good she is at her job, will find it hard to correct these.

Start a New Diet

If you think you still need to lose a few pounds a mere week before the wedding, you may just have to give up on that notion. Going on a crazy new diet might just trigger you to binge-eat and that will leave you feeling bloated on your wedding day. If you really want to look sexier on your wedding, you should have started losing weight much earlier.

Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is rich in calories so you may want to cut back on that even a month before the wedding. You don’t want to feel bloated on the day of the wedding, right? Also, alcohol makes your skin look tired and dry.

It also has that reddening effect on your eyes so unless you want your Lakeland wedding photography to look like a hangover party, you need to skip the glass of wine during the rehearsal.

Go To a Spray Tan Booth

This is probably the biggest mistake you can do a week before your wedding. Even if you go to the best tanning salon, there’s a chance that your tan may result in an uneven color if you just step inside a booth. If you want your skin tone to look a little darker, make sure that you ask a professional to apply the tanning lotion evenly.