What To Look For In A Drone Videography Package

by | Jun 13, 2018

Looking for a drone videography company takes a lot of time because you have to check out their previous works and “investigate” if they are professionals or not. Making the decision of hiring that company would also take into account the kind of services and packages they offer. You would want, of course, a package that would cover everything—from the conceptualization of the project to the final process, the post-production.

Here is a list of things that you should look for and expect from any videography services:

Provides end-to-end service

End-to-end service means that the package will include everything—from creating the concept to hiring the actors to renting the props to finding the locations to shooting the videos to editing the videos. Sometimes, even the delivery of the final output would also be included in the package.

Understandably, this could cost more than just renting a team for their services only, but you won’t have to deal with a lot of things if you chose an end-to-end video service. That will take away the “pain” of having to do these things yourself. It could take a lot of time and energy from you.

Gives you the unedited copy of the full video

At the end of the day, even if you have the edited and magically-improved version of the video, you’d want to see it in its entirety. You would want the outtakes—the bad takes, the goofy ones, the ones that make you laugh endlessly. This would give you flexibility as well when it comes to the final output of the video.

Some editors would not be as nitpicky as you are when it comes to the shots they included in the final edited version. Having the full video with you would allow you to review the angles and maybe ask the editor to include some shots you think is important for your material.

Uses the latest technology

When talking about aerial videography, it’s all about the latest equipment. The latest technology would provide a high-quality and high-resolution video that would not be altered even if edited. This would show well even in the big screen. No pixels would scatter and the picture would be crystal clear.

This is important when it comes to creating materials for advertisements and promotions. Nobody likes watching a low-resolution commercial, for example, so you would always need the latest tech to shoot scenes for your videos.