What to Think About For Drone Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | May 27, 2020

Your wedding day is guaranteed to be one of the most important days of you and your partner’s lives. After all, this is the day where both of you announce your union in front of your closest friends and families. Because of how important this day is, it makes sense why you want every moment of it captured with Lakeland wedding videography services, which allows you to look back on this day in fond memory.

One trend that plenty of people are seeing with wedding videography services is the use of drones to capture special events like weddings and birthdays because it creates such a stunning final video that anybody would love to rewatch over and over again.

Because of how popular it’s becoming, you yourself might have already thought about using drone services for your own Lakeland wedding videography. However, to make sure that it goes smoothly, here are a few things that you need to tell your wedding videography team.

Seating plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then your drone pilot is going to want to know where the wedding guests are going to be seated as you cannot fly a drone over crowds. The same goes for indoor flying. The last thing you want is for a drone to come crashing down on your guests as you say your “I do’s”.


If you have any hanging decorations like lanterns and lights at your wedding ceremony, you’re going to have to inform your drone pilot this. They’re going to want to plan out a flight that best avoids any obstacles that can get in the way of the aerial shots.

After wedding releases

If you’re planning on having a release after the wedding, such as butterflies or doves, you have to inform your drone pilot because they might accidentally hurt one of the animals or crash into them while trying to get a shot. Letting them know ahead of time also allows them to get the best shot of this when it happens, so you can look back on it.


Children tend to be fascinated by drones, so let your drone pilot know ahead of time so that they can assign one of their assistants to remind any curious children to stay away from the drone.


You want to make sure that your Lakeland wedding videography shoot is shot in great quality, and in order for that to happen, you need great lighting. Let your drone pilot know the schedule of the wedding so that they know what kind of lighting to expect and prepare for it accordingly.