What Words Should Be Zoomed-in on a Lakeland Video Production for Mobile?

by | Nov 10, 2020

The sizes of the screens on which your viewers watch Lakeland video production vary to the extremes. Television screens can be as huge as 50 to 70 inches (sometimes, more) while smartphone screens are just around five inches. What does this mean for your viewers? It means that the text they can read well on television does not appear the same on their smartphone screens. The text may be too small if you—the producer—don’t adjust it according to the screen size.

This happens, too, with images. The photos on the screen may be too small that the viewers can’t view them well on mobile phones. If you are a retail store, this is a problem because they won’t be able to appreciate the details of the products you are selling.

A nice strategy for text would be to zoom in on the important words. The strategy will help draw the users’ attention to the words that you highlighted. These important words are buzzwords. They’re the ones that will help your audience decide that you are the right company to support. What are these words exactly?

Brand Name

You should definitely enlarge the brand name. This will help your audience remember your brand. Soon, you will be a household name and they will associate your name with your brand’s colors, images, and messaging. But when you’re just starting to make a name for yourself, enlarge and zoom-in on the brand to reiterate its presence.

Contact Information

Your company’s contact information acts as your call-to-action. This tells them how to reach you and how to get to you. Make sure your contact details are properly highlighted in the video so the viewers won’t miss them.

Service Lists

What are the services and products that you offer? Sure, you can point out the viewers to your website to find what you are offering. However, if they don’t have time for that, how are they going to find out what they can get from your business?

Areas of Service

People should know that you are servicing their areas, too. It’s important that they understand you can attend to their needs and that your services are available in their localities. So, if your videos discuss the areas of service, make sure to highlight the locations.

Website or URL

Finally, if your Lakeland video production is to be effective, it has to highlight the link to your website, too. If it’s going to be shown on a smart TV or mobile phone, make the website link clickable. This will make it easy for your audience to check what you’re offering.