Why a Newbie Lakeland Videographer Needs To Join Wedding Exhibits

by | Oct 9, 2019

Booking a first real client is always going to be a challenge for a Lakeland videographer. There are simply too many like you in the industry for clients to even think about a new face.

They won’t give you the time of the day when they learned you’re a newbie in the industry. There are simply too many out there who are more experienced, regardless of how talented and skilled you are.

But a wedding exhibit will open opportunities for you. A wedding exhibit or expo is where about-to-be-wedded couples gather and choose the best and most affordable vendors for their wedding. If they are short on budget, they’ll be willing to try out your services, provided, of course, that you’re not being greedy with your fees.


You are just starting. Essentially, no one has tested your skills and capabilities. No matter how talented your professors, friends, and family say you are, no one has trusted you enough to have their events covered.

You’ve got to close the deal with that first client, regardless of how much they are willing to pay. Most videographers will barely profit from the first client. His goal is to have the experience and put something in his portfolio. Profit? That would have to wait for now.

Large Audience

Where else can you tap such a large audience but in wedding expos? You will try to promote your services on social media and the internet (and even through traditional marketing materials), but you will always have a hard time reaching out to interested individuals because you are a virtual unknown.

And yet with wedding expos, you have the power to tap a ready market. These are people who are already going to book a Lakeland videographer; they are simply looking for the one that’ll offer them the best service and price. Be that videographer.


You should not only focus on marketing your services and tapping a market. You should also focus on expanding your network. At a wedding expo, you will meet a lot of wedding suppliers just like you.

Get ready to hear some expert advice and tips. Most of these vendors are not stingy about sharing their experiences. In fact, they are eager to welcome you into their fold, no matter how saturated the market may be.

So, the next time a wedding expo is happening near you, make a concerted effort to sign up for it. You lose nothing and gain everything. Is there a better deal than that?