Why Real Estate Companies Are Turning To Lakeland Aerial Videography

by | Oct 9, 2019

The past couple of years have seen a massive change in the landscape of how real estate companies are promoting and marketing their properties. Gone are the days when real estate agents need to invite potential clients to check out the property in person. While that is still their preferred method of marketing, they have changed with the times. Knowing that people are busier today and are living more frenzied lives, they have turned to Lakeland aerial videography as a way to recapture their audience.

Shows the Features of the Property

It is difficult to show the totality of the property and its features when we look at it from the ground. How can you showcase the fact that the property is surrounded by lush greenery or that it is very near the city center? How do you show that the property is a few miles from the ocean or a lake?

Sure, you can include that in the flyers you’re giving away to potential clients, but there’s nothing like showcasing all of the property’s features in an actual video.

There’s something about the dramatic spanning of a drone camera on a property that just gets clients to say yes to real estate agents. If the property you’re selling sits very near nature or even the city, an aerial shot is a perfect way to capture that.

Allows People to Visit the Property Virtually

You will certainly have some clients that live far from the property you’re selling but want to find out more about it. Who’s to say people are going to stay in just one place and won’t think about moving to a more tranquil place in the future?

Assuming that the property you are selling is surrounded by nature, you want to tour people using a virtual video. That will allow you to simply send a link of the video to potential clients and have them navigate through the property as if they were there. They’ll surely give you a call after being stunned by the property’s features.

Makes a Dramatic Pitch to Clients

There’s something about aerial shots that are so dramatic and cinematic. Even Hollywood films use aerial shots to no end to change the perspective of the viewers about certain storylines.

You can achieve the same with a Lakeland aerial videography of the real estate property you are selling. Potential clients will have a better appreciation of the size and the surroundings of the property with an aerial video.

If you have a property to sell, don’t hesitate to have a Lakeland aerial videography of it. You’ll widen your target audience with an aerial shot of the property.